Commercial Diving & Offshore Heavy Lift

Supporting Responsible Resource Management, Energy Infrastructure Decommissioning and Sustainability

We are a leading provider of air, mixed gas and saturation diving and heavy lifting services, designed to support the full lifecycle of offshore and coastal energy infrastructure, including installations; inspection, maintenance and repairs; pipeline plug and abandonment; removal, salvage and recycling of pipelines, facilities and structures; artificial reefing; and subsea site clearance.

Our Services

Delivering expertise, quality, and value. Offshore, inshore, and inland waters.

Diving Support Vessels

Leading provider of traditional diving support vessels supporting diving operations in the Gulf of Mexico. We deliver a range of efficient solutions to our clients with our fleet of four live and four-point air and saturation diving vessels, which support diving operations in depths of up to 1,000 feet. In addition, Triton has access to an affiliate’s fleet of modern liftboats, with a range of vessels suitable for supporting diving operations both in shallow, coastal waters, and in depths of up to 200 feet.

Heavy Lift Derrick Barges

Leading offshore derrick barge provider, delivering comprehensive, engineered heavy lifting solutions; specializing in removal, salvage, and recycling of offshore oil and gas facilities, platforms, and structures. We deliver a range of efficient solutions to our clients with our 1760-ton derrick barge, the EPIC Hedron, which is the newest, most modern asset of its class in the Gulf of Mexico and offers a helideck and accommodations for 300 persons on board.

Underwater Construction Services

Leading provider of subsea solutions, which are engineered, managed, and executed using our diversified vessel fleet, specialized tools and technology, and highly-skilled personnel. We offer cost-effective solutions for the full lifecycle of our clients' assets and infrastructure, and specialize in delivering elegant, efficient solutions for decommissioning, salvaging, and recycling subsea energy infrastructure.

Affiliated Services

We are committed to providing safe, reliable expertise to do the job right the first time. We are the only single-source provider of marine transportation, well intervention, commercial diving, and decommissioning and reclamation services, offering in-house engineering, project management, and execution for every stage of the decommissioning value chain. Multiple services, one safety culture, one team.

Quality Health Safety & Environment

The safety, health, and welfare of employees, contractors, clients, and the public is a leading priority and core value, underpinning our commitment to responsible management of all phases of operations. Our legacy of safety and environmental stewardship is governed by our Safety and Environmental Management System (SEMS), ensuring that we minimize environmental impact, particularly given our focus on decommissioning and reclamation services designed to preserve and restore our coastlines and oceans for future generations.

Join Our Team

Applications are considered for all positions without regard for race, color, religion, sex, national origin, age, marital or veteran status, or disability.

HSE performance is an essential component of our business. Our HSE management system established the means for total company involvement in our HSE processes.

Triton Offshore

Triton Offshore, a member of the Alliance Energy Group, is an established commercial diving and offshore heavy lift company providing air, mixed gas and saturation diving and heavy lifting services, designed to support the full lifecycle of midstream and upstream energy assets in coastal and offshore environments. Our services are geared to supporting our clients in connection with i) responsible resource management – enhancing, maintaining, and extending existing production; and ii) permanently abandoning and removing, salvaging, and recycling end-of-life energy infrastructure.

Triton and its affiliates have been operating commercial diving, construction, installation, IMR, and decommissioning services for decades. Our team leaders have significant subsea project management and execution experience and a strong track record of reliability, safety, compliance, and integrity.